Patan Durbar Square – Things You Get to See in Patan

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square is located in Lalitpur, preserving the architecture and fine art only a 30-minute drive from Kathmandu. As you pass through the city, you will see craftsmen working on an ornament. Patan Durbar Square has many temples and buildings Krishna Mandir, Bhimsen Temple, Vishwanath Temple, and Teleju Bhawani Temple. It is a city of 55 major temples and 136 Buddhist Monasteries, and its artisan is known for their fine metalworks.

The city also holds Newari residential houses. The city celebrates festivals like Rato Machhendranath Jatra and the display of Dipanker Buddhas is spectacular. Patan Durbaris is the best place to visit in Kathmandu. The place needs more than one to explore. You can also stay in guest houses or hotels. The distance from Thamel in Kathmandu, where most tourists stay, to Patan Durbar Square, is about 6 km, and it can take more than 20 minutes by taxi depending on traffic conditions.
The south side of Patan Durbar Square got more damage in the 2015 earthquake than the northern side. In this area, the tourist needs a pass to enter, but local people can enter without a pass.

Patan Durbar Square


  • The Taleju Temple
  • Krishna Temple
  • Golden Gate and its golden windows
  • Bhimsen Temple
  • Char-Narayan Temple
  • Mul-Chowk
  • Manga Hiti

A Scenery 

Patan Durbar Square offers a view of the ancient architecture of the Newari people. It consists of 136 courtyards and 55 temples. Among the others temple, Krishna Temple is regarded as the pilgrimage for Hindus. It was built in the name of Lord Krishna, a reincarnation of Lord Shiva. The Krishna Temple has statues of Lord Buddha, Srimati Radha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Krishna. The Srinivas Malla built the Bhimsen Temple with three golden windows, although tourist is not allowed in the temple. Siddhi Nar Singh Malla built the TalejuBhawani temple in 1960.

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