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Annapurna Base Camp

One of the most well-known treks in the Annapurna Region is the trip to Annapurna Base Camp. In Nepal, there are primarily two good trekking seasons. The first one takes place in early November when it’s warm and dry outside. The second is the start of spring, April-May when it can be wetter, but the flowers are in bloom. We start our journey in October, and the weather was warm and clear; thus could get a glimpse of different mountain ranges.

Mountain enthusiasts can recognize what achieving the Himalayas means. It’s a difficult adventure to get there and adore the very best mountain withinside the world. It’s always a new challenge and a dream come true. You wake up, and it’s cold. Now you are in a magical place. Take a deep breath and watch and just feel the beauty that beholds you.

The Annapurna Base Camp trek can be finished in 8-9 days, and despite the fact that you ought to bodily fit, the problem isn’t that serious. With proper acclimatization, you may experience this awesome direction gracefully, taking place on your own, without guides.

Annapurna Base Camp Trail Details

Total Distance:

Time: 8-9 Days

Difficulty: Moderate

Maximum Elevation: 4130 meters

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in 8 Days

Day 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara

We started our journey by signing off from Kathmandu and signing in to Pokhara, the Capital of Tourism.

We Traveled to Pokhara by micro-bus from Kalanki. The Distance we needed to cover to reach Pokhara was 206 km, and it took us about 6-7 hrs. The fare was 600 per person.

We signed off from Kathmandu at about 11 am and reached Pokhara at about 6 pm and stayed at Pokhara. We settled at the hotel, had some rest and dinner, and called it a day.

Day 2: Pokhara to Shivai to Chomrong

After a pleasant sleep and a decent breakfast, we started our journey to Shivai early at 7 am. We traveled to Shivai, it was an off-road ride, and it took us about 2.5 hr to reach Shivai from Pokhara.

The adventure begins. After leaving Shivai, we started our trek into the mountains. The route for this day was mainly uphill, with some downhill and lots of greenery. The hike to Annapurna base camp is one of the most popular, so the trail is well-preserved and maintained.

The tail is not exactly the wild; there are a lot of stairs, some paving stones, bridges, and signs in many places to make your travel easier.

Before reaching Chomrong, we reached a small village called Jhinu, this place is mostly famous for its hot spring, we reached Chomrong at about 5 pm. The hike from Jhinu to Chomrong is about 2.5 hrs, which is a straight uphill.

Hikers mostly love Chomrong because of its really good bakery, its tea cultivation, and the marvelous view from there.

Day 3: Chomrong to Bamboo

It was a pleasant hike this day. Greenery, lush cliffs, and river are all around us, and the Himalayas constantly calls.

It was about a 6hrs hike to Bamboo from Chomrong. The name “Bamboo” describes the place, although it is located at the foot of the lush cliffs. There are several hotels you can stay in that have a decent bed and breakfast facility.

Day 4: Bamboo to Macchapuchree Base Camp

This day’s hike was tiresome; we had to cover a long trail to reach MBC.

We started our day by having a decent meal at Bamboo and started our day’s hike at about 7 am. The trail was long and tiresome, but the beauty of nature never disappointed us.

The valley becomes narrower, and the feeling you get watching the mountain rise around you makes you feel like you are walking through a terrible gorge.

Finally, we reached MBC around 4 pm. We had no problem with altitude sickness, although we slept at high altitudes.

Day 5: MBC to ABC to Bamboo

We woke up at 3 am to reach Annapurna Base Camp at Dawn. It was less than 2 hours away. Whilst, we were on our path to ABC before sunrise, we could see the mountain shining just in front of us, and the feeling you get moving towards that beautiful shining mountain is priceless.

Gently, the sun rose, coloring the crests of the mountains. Then, the sky opened up, and the show began. We could see the Annapurna Range shining in front of us, whereas, on the opposite side, we would see the pointed fishtail mountain Machapuchree Range. It just felt like huge peaks surrounded in all directions. 

After reaching Annapurna Base Camp, everyone was enjoying the stunning view and beauty of the place. Finally, after breakfast, we were ready to return.

We walked on and on until we reached Bamboo.

Day 6: Bamboo to Jhinu

Coming back wasn’t as exciting as arriving. But we had an experience like an amazing trip and we fully enjoyed nature, so we were happy when we came back.

Jhinu had a wonderful spring over there. We did spend a while over there; the pool is constructed properly subsequent to the wild river, surrounded with
the aid of using and wonderful view.

Day 7: Jhinu to Pokhara

The adventure became close to its end. The closing day became pretty tiring due to the fact we wanted a break. We departed from Jhinu at 10 am and reached Pokhara at approximately 6 pm.

Day 8: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Early morning after breakfast, we booked a micro-bus to Kathmandu. Ultimately, we finished our adventure

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